I have been working with Elise since November 2014, and I couldn’t be happier with the results and experience. Elise is extremely encouraging and pushes me to achieve my goals. The workouts are always different and I look forward to each session. Elise is very personable and a beautiful well rounded person and excellent trainer. She has helped me tone, strengthen and lose weight. The sessions are always tailored to you and your abilities with progressive charts to keep you motivated. I would highly recommend Elise, she will push you to be the best version of you! 

~ Nichole Gascoigne, Australia 

My first exercise  was very impressive!  I had several exercise in the past, however I felt more aware of my body and had intention to inner muscle. It was excited and I still have some tension on muscle, I really hope to continue it.

~ 栄一藤 , Japan


Working with Elise has been a great joy. She is kind, courteous and friendly, but also pushes me to do my very best. I feel fantastic after each training session and I know that it is moving me closer to my health and fitness goals. Elise is passionate about helping others and it is evident in everything she does.

~ Charmine Ferrrara, Penang

Thank you for the training yesterday.  It was my first training with you and I really enjoyed it. You were so attentive to detail during our training! Thank you for being such a great trainer!!

~ 藤美恵, Japan


Graeme and I have been with Elise for 6 months doing a weekly individual training program.  We love the way Elise trains, her encouragement for balance in our training and her strong sense of a duty of care.  We have had private training for more than 15 years with various trainers in Australia and understand the importance of commitment and professionalism in training.  We have found Elise's training to be fun. Whilst she pushes us far harder than we would push ourselves.  Thank you Elise for your guidance and encouragement over the past few months.

∼ Graeme & Merilyn, Australia


I have never been sporty and my fitness level even at my most active was moderate , Zumba, walking, swimming easy hiking. Shortly after moving to Malaysia I signed up to climb Mount Kinabalu and started training with Elise. I was never strong and wasn’t sure about working regularly in the gym but I was very soon hooked. Elsie started in our condo without weights and using our condo block stairs and my own body weight to begin with. I very soon progressed to the gym and weight training. When Elise started to increase the level of weights I was so amazed that I could do it. Every session was difficult, I would see other gym users having full blown conversations with their trainer during their sessions, but I was fully concentrating and working so hard that there was no time to chat. Elise watches you constantly and checks and corrects your technique and tells you which part of the body you should be focusing on and feeling the result of the exercise.She has excellent technical knowledge of the body, a full body workout has taken on a whole new meaning for me since I started training with her! Her sessions don’t stop in the gym, she gives you advice about what to eat and how to train in between sessions. She truly wants you to transform.

I climbed Mount Kinabalu within 6 months of starting our training together and managed the most difficult physical challenge of my life with relative ease. I believe the psychological as well as the physical benefits from training with Elise got me there, I could her saying “you can do it, you are strong” in my mind as we climbed . I have also seen amazing changes in my body, my whole upper body has changed and friends have commented on my shoulder definition, my previously very untoned legs are now stronger and firm and so many people have commented on how good I look.I do a Zumba class now and feel that it is too easy. Gym use is a regular part of my life now and that is thanks to Elise.

What more can I say, ‘don’t wait start NOW!’

~ Maeve O’neill, Ireland


I started PT with Elise in 2013. I wanted to train with her because she is feminine and stylish, not like most female trainers I came across. After I started, I found her to be professional, knowledgeable and also creative, she can use the simplest tools to train effectively. Elise knows my strengths and weaknesses, she would push me to stretch my limits but never overdo it. I really appreciate her and will continue with her as long as possible.

~ Foo Ee Wei, Penang


I've had back surgery and ongoing back problems for many years. I originally took part in Elise’s group training sessions but my recurring back episodes prevented me from continuing. That’s when I decided to do weekly personal sessions with Elise specifically focussing on strengthening my body to support my back. Elise’s knowledge, understanding of you the client, and ability to take you just that little bit further is remarkable. Although reasonably fit for my age, I had never been to the gym before I met Elise. Not only do I now (almost) look forward to our weekly sessions, I have also started doing an extra weekly session on my own. 
Such a delightful lady, with so much knowledge and care for her clients, she is held in very high regard by all of us.’

 ~ Chris Miley, Australia

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